At GranPart we welcome grandparents who have all kinds of reasons why they don't see, or have lost contact with their grandchildren. Sharing their experiences, crying if it helps make them feel a little better, smiling when remembering the good times, but never being judged by others who have suffered similar fates.


The group holds monthly meetings in Milton Keynes and Northampton. There are no membership fees or subscriptions, just give Marion a call or drop her an email (see contacts page) just so she has an idea of numbers coming along.


Occasionally we have guests who come along to offer support. At a recent meeting Robert from the Samaritans joined us and Suzanne from the Grandparents Association spoke to the group about the challenges her organisation has to deal with.


Maureen assists with running the group and supports a friend, who doesn't live locally, who is going through a difficult time not seeing her grandchildren.


'Having a group allows the pain to be shared and lifts the isolation'.

H. Stead 'It's so nice to talk to people who are in the same situation'.

Anon 'The group has enabled me to express my feelings with people who are going through the same problems as myself.


It has been a great support so far.'

Janet 'It helps to know you're not alone. Meeting with others who understand and share your pain at not seeing a grandchild can help. Listening and talking with group members can allow you to express thoughts and feelings you might not feel comfortable sharing with friends or family'.

Tina Jones 'It gives me great support to talk to other people who don't see their grandchildren'.

Carole 'Just because a relationship between a childs parents does not work out, why should the grandparents be denied access to their grandchildren?


It is very sad, upsetting and hurtful and they miss out on endless love and hugs'.

Anon 'I came to the group and found supportive people, kind and non judgemental.


It helps to offload and share, and realise we are not alone.


Very positive experience from what can be seen as a negative situation.'

Helen Hayward 'I come to the group for moral support and to talk to like minded people.


It's good to know that there are other people in the same situation'.

Pamela 'I joined the group originally as I felt I needed to talk to people in similar situations. I have found that I do not feel so alone and the group has been very supportive'.

Anon 'Very useful. Early days for me as only happened recently. But, it helps to make you feel less isolated.'

Anon 'We are all broken people in spirit and heart. GranPart gives us hope as we can talk about our hopes and fears. Support is such a big help to us all. Thank you GranPart'.



Marion and Tina's Success Stories


Since starting the group in 2015 my situation has changed. My son is no longer with his wife, which made it easier to start building my bridge with him before I could start building a bond with my grandson and his two half sisters.


It has taken over a year but, creating my group gave me the strength and determination I needed. To share with others that know exactly how you are feeling, is a major part of the healing process.


I have now seen my grandson and his sisters three times. My grandson doesn't know who I am but I am confident we will get there. The girls remember us as they are now 7 & 9 years old. My grandson recently had his 4th birthday and we were lucky enough to be able to take presents for all three of them.  Marion.


Hi everyone I am Tina Jones and I have belonged to GranPart since it started, having been heartbroken at not seeing my grandson. I found it a great help talking to people going through the same experiences.


After a lot of heartbreak my daughter came back into my life and we have been speaking for over a year now, so I do see my grandson. I feel I have got my bond back and it is lovely, he is now 11 years old.


So don't give up, miracles do happen. Tina.



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