During these difficult times we know that Grandparents who would normally attend our groups still need support. Therefore we are making use of modern technology and holding virtual get togethers via ZOOM. The benefit of doing this allows other grandparents, who have been unable to come along to meetings due to personal circumstances or distance, are now able to get involved.


If you would like to meet other grandparents who are in similar situations as yours, for a chat and hopefully some advice, please contact Marion by phone: 07842 146637 or email: to find out when the next get together is happening.

Marion Turner

Founder of GranPart

Support group for grandparents who do not see their grandchildren, for whatever reason

Iain Stewart Milton Keynes South MP offers GranPart his support & becomes a Patron for the group.

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There are many grandparents who, due to circumstances very often beyond their control, never get to see their grandchildren.


The reasons can vary considerably. It can be due simply  to a falling out amongst family members, sometimes the parents of the children have divorced or have simply moved a long distance away.


In other more serious situations parents of the children involved may suffer drink or drug related problems, the children may be removed for safety reasons, in some cases fostered, meaning grandparents have no legal access to their grandchildren. 


The support group was first formed following a difficult situation I found myself in when it was made difficult for me to see my grandson.


Things came to a head soon after his first birthday and I had no contact for nearly three years.


When I started sharing my situation with other people it soon became clear that I wasn't alone, and that many other grandparents were suffering similarly, and like me they found it difficult to share what they were going through with other people who were not suffering.


GranPart is designed simply to give grandparents who are going through this difficult time an opportunity to meet others in a similar situation. In an informal environment we chat and share experiences and can be empathetic and supportive to each other.




All meetings cancelled until further notice


Shenley Church End Parish Council,

The Cartshed, 19A Shenley Road

Milton Keynes MK5 6AB


Monday 23rd March

Monday 20th April

Monday 18th May

Monday 29th June

Monday 27th July

Monday 24th August

Monday 28th September

Monday 26th October

Monday 23rd November

Tuesday 15th December



Manning Watts House, Garners Way, Harpole Northants NN7 4DN


Friday 13th March

Friday 17th April

Friday 15th May

Friday 19th June

Friday 17th July

Friday 14th August

Friday 18th September

Friday 16th October

Friday 20th November

Friday 11th December



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Milton Keynes Mayor Cllr Sam Crooks came along to our MK meeting in October. 


The Mayor listened intently whilst members told their heart-breaking stories, and at the end said he felt humbled from what he had heard.


He offered his support and will help in creating awareness about GranPart and how it helps so many people.

Grosvenor Shopping Centre


In an effort to promote the group and encourage new members GranPart set up a table in the Grosvenor shopping centre Northampton.


It was good to see people who had seen the advert for the event coming along to find out more.

On Friday August 17th South Northamptonshire Council Chairman Richard Dallyn came along to our meeting at Manning Watts House.


After listening to the group, we explained our plans on promoting GranPart in order to gain greater awareness. Richard was able to offer advice based on his previous experience working in the media.

Northampton MP offers support


We were delighted to welcome Andrew Lewer, Member of Parliament for Northampton South, to a recent meeting at Manning Watts House.


Andrew has picked up the baton from his predecessor and has shown his support when speaking at the recent Westminster debate. He mentioned the good work GranPart are doing to support grandparents and help fight for grandparent and grandchildren's rights.




Over the past few months GranPart have been involved with the Waitrose Community Matters Green Coin Scheme.


Coins collected earned us £245 from the Towcester store and a fantastic £427 from Oakgrove store in Milton Keynes.



Grandchildren alienated from their grandparents is a global epidemic and is considered by leading international experts in the field to be a severe form of child and elder abuse. The dynamics of families being torn apart, often as a result of acrimonious family breakdown or other toxic family events, results in heartbreaking tragedy in the lives of grandchildren and grandparents who lose an important, loving and valuable relationship together. It is estimated that in the UK more than a million grandchildren are denied contact with their grandparents.


An Action Day focusing on ‘Broken Bonds, the Plight of Grandchildren Estranged from their Grandparents’ was held at The Palace of Westminster on September 4th 2019 to call for greater recognition of this life-impacting issue and to ensure legislation ensures the right of a relationship for grandchildren with their grandparents, regardless of the children’s parental situation.


Dame Esther Rantzen, Nigel Huddleston MP, Dr Matthew Offord MP, together with experts in family law and researchers in the field of family psychology spoke about the long-term detrimental effects of such estrangements and the potentially serious long-term consequences on both affected grandchildren and grandparents.​

Beth & Roger accompanied Marion to the event

The panel included Solicitor Vanessa LLoyd Platt,

Dame Esther Rantzen & Nigel Huddleston MP

Watch the story of how Mental Illness can cause

grandparents to become estranged

Losing contact with a grandchild

can be heartbreaking

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